Martin® Air Cannons Result In No More Unscheduled Outages

At CEMEX in Tennessee, buildup on the walls of the pre-heater was a continuing headache for operating personnel and a consistent production bottleneck. To knock down the buildup, the plant resorted to water blasting, but the frequent water blasting proved costly, with high labor expenses, shortened refractory life and reduced kiln efficiency.


Transfer Point Products Improve Severe Spillage And Dust Problems

At a cement plant in Kentucky, the clinker transport system had severe problems with the escape of spillage and airborne dust in the loading zones of three conveyors. Martin® Transfer Point Solutions were recommended to stop the spillage and dust problems. To improve the clinker conveying, the plant agreed to upgrade the transfer points.


Martin® Self Adjusting Skirting Maintains Effective Seal Without Maintenance

A salt plant in Ohio was looking to upgrade their skirtboard sealing systems. The existing slab rubber skirting was in bad repair and leaking material. With less than two inches (51 mm) of free belt area on each side of the loading zone, the conveyor had very limited amount of space available for installation of a sealing system.

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